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What is the difference between the Free and Pro versions?

Free version contains a limited amount of pre-designed items in comparison to the Pro version with more than `90` items. Also, Free version can’t be used for commercial purposes either for your own business or your clients.

How Can I Report an Item?

If you're experiencing issues while using an item, first outline what is included and what is not included with your item, In the event you believe an item is broken and does not work as described or is otherwise offensive or inappropriate, please let our team know.

If you believe an item on Halx is infringing on your copyright or intellectual property, please refer to our Halx Intellectual Property Policy for information on what you can do and how we can help.

Can I request a refund?

No unfortunately you cannot, once you purchase the visual products then you cannot refund the paid amount

Do i get product support?

Halx does not provide technical support for any items

All items on Halx are created by independent authors. Due to this and the nature of our unlimited subscription, we cannot provide direct technical support or advice on the use of items.

We do our best to ensure that items are of a high quality and free of any technical issues. All our authors are carefully reviewed and maintain a track record of creating error-free, high-quality assets.

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